Friday, May 21, 2010

BET Bans Ciara Video for "Ride", Ciara Responds, Why BET Is a Disgrace to African-Americans and the American culture

Ciara's video for "Ride" has been banned from BET for being sexually suggestive and Ciara had this to say about it.

We find it how BET can ban anything and say it is sexually suggestive when they have had a history of playing videos of poor taste.  Rap videos consistently show scantly-clad women doing erotic dances with demeaning lyrics geared towards them.  Beyonce can wear and say just about anything and they don't have a problem with it, and have you seen the last few Trey Songz videos?  He is imitating sexual acts in the last few of his videos.  BET doesn't have a problem with this.  This is the type of stuff we talk about.  BET is in the money making business.  They will play what is profitable for them at that present time, and what isn't they will try and play the socially responsible card.  When is the last time you have seen anything of any social or moral value on BET?  BET is a disgrace as a representation of African-Americans.  They perpetuate every stereotype of the African-American race.  The channel brings you socially regressive shows such as "Frankie and Neffe"  "106 & Park" and regularly played-movies such as "I Got the Hook Up" and "Soul Plane" needs change their name because they do not represent the black race in any shape form or fashion.  The idea of young children growing up and watching the mockery of the culture on television disgusts us. 

So we would like to say to 'Black Entertainment Television,' if you are going to ban this Ciara video you should ban every video that demoralizes women and the black culture as a whole and is sexually suggestive.  That would be the bulk of the videos you nominated for 'Video of the Year' at this years BET Awards, but at least it mean you stood for something.  Debra Lee and all of the people over there who run it need to resign because they have only worsened the situation.   BET, just do us all a favor and go off-air.

Here is the Ciara video BET banned

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