Friday, May 21, 2010

BET Bans Ciara Video for "Ride", Ciara Responds, Why BET Is a Disgrace to African-Americans and the American culture

Ciara's video for "Ride" has been banned from BET for being sexually suggestive and Ciara had this to say about it.

We find it how BET can ban anything and say it is sexually suggestive when they have had a history of playing videos of poor taste.  Rap videos consistently show scantly-clad women doing erotic dances with demeaning lyrics geared towards them.  Beyonce can wear and say just about anything and they don't have a problem with it, and have you seen the last few Trey Songz videos?  He is imitating sexual acts in the last few of his videos.  BET doesn't have a problem with this.  This is the type of stuff we talk about.  BET is in the money making business.  They will play what is profitable for them at that present time, and what isn't they will try and play the socially responsible card.  When is the last time you have seen anything of any social or moral value on BET?  BET is a disgrace as a representation of African-Americans.  They perpetuate every stereotype of the African-American race.  The channel brings you socially regressive shows such as "Frankie and Neffe"  "106 & Park" and regularly played-movies such as "I Got the Hook Up" and "Soul Plane" needs change their name because they do not represent the black race in any shape form or fashion.  The idea of young children growing up and watching the mockery of the culture on television disgusts us. 

So we would like to say to 'Black Entertainment Television,' if you are going to ban this Ciara video you should ban every video that demoralizes women and the black culture as a whole and is sexually suggestive.  That would be the bulk of the videos you nominated for 'Video of the Year' at this years BET Awards, but at least it mean you stood for something.  Debra Lee and all of the people over there who run it need to resign because they have only worsened the situation.   BET, just do us all a favor and go off-air.

Here is the Ciara video BET banned

Simon tells Oprah he's 'bored' with American Idol; Knowing When It's Time for a Change

Simon Cowell told Oprah he quit American Idol because he was "bored."

Simon spoke with Oprah while 'on location' on the set of American Idol over a cup of tea.  Simon, in speaking with Oprah who is also leaving her show next year, said:

"I'm leaving probably for the same reasons you left. You just know that time's up. "I remember the first year when we did this, and it was like an adventure, and I loved that, not knowing if it would be successful, and the buzz, [and] we were kind of making it up every week. I loved that buzz. It was fun. I've always promised myself I would leave before I was forced to go."
Cowell will quit American Idol when the current season – the ninth – ends next week, so he can concentrate on launching a US version of his hit UK show, The X Factor.

It is nice that Simon knows when to quit.  Some of us do not know when it is time to quit something and try something new.  We tend to become stuck with things in our lives, though we really have no reason for being in those positions.   Dare to do something different and not be stuck doing the same ol thing year after year.  We only have one life to live, live it to the fullest!

Lebron James, His Mother & Delonte West Story in a Nutshell; We Are All Human

So we will sum up this Lebron James controversy for everybody.

So this week it came out after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost their last game in the NBA playoffs, that Lebron James' mom had been sleeping with his teammate Delonte West.

Rumor has it that Lebron found out about his teammate and mom's affair right before the game and that triggered his poor performance in what will probably be his last game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The website that revealed the news,, stands by everything that they revealed stating that they have multiple sources to confirm it's true.  Lebon James has denied the entire ordeal and his lawyers sent the website a cease and desist letter denying the rumor.

Even NBA Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy has come out and confirmed the allegations saying, "It ain't no rumor" to ESPN radio.

Murphy went a step further by confirming that the story is “absolutely true,” that everyone knew about it, and he has “legit” sources who can prove it. He even threw more salt in Lebron’s wounds by stating that Delonte was not the only one hitting off Gloria — there was more than one dude involved!
The one thing Lebron James can't do too much of is take this personally if this story is true.  People are gonna be people, even those you hold close.  We are sure their were plenty of signs if this was the case and he probably was blind to the facts being that his mother was involved.  We cannot be so blind as to build up anybody in our lives to the level that we do not give them room to make mistakes.  Everybody makes mistakes in life and Lebron has come to learn that about his mother.  We are all human and none of us are perfect.  The problem we have to face is accepting people for their shortcomings or faults and being willing to love them despite those faults. 

Lindsay Lohan Gets Off the Hook, No Jail Time; Money and Our Judicial System

Lindsay Lohan no longer will be facing jail time according to People.

The court removed the arrest warrant when somebody posted Lindsay's $100,000 bail.

The court lifted an arrest warrant Thursday that was issued against the actress just hours earlier after she pulled a no-show for a progress review hearing, a court clerk confirms to PEOPLE.

The actress, 23, posted $100,000 bail, paying a bail bondsman $10,000 for the bond, to ensure her appearance at a new hearing date set for Monday morning.

Earlier in the day, Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel that her client's passport was stolen while at the film festival, but Revel rejected that as a valid excuse and issued the warrant.
Previously, we spoke about nobody being above the law, in which they aren't idealistically.  We all know, however, for the right amount of money our judicial system will reprieve just about anybody.  Lindsay Lohan has gotten out of so many binds due to her celebrity status and wealth.   Had she been a poor and not famous, we are sure Lindsay Lohan would NOT be getting the special treatment that she has been getting. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scarlett Johansson Just Got a New Ethiopian Little Sister; Finding Purpose at any Age

Scarlett Johansson just got a new little sister courtesy of her mom's new adoption.

Scarlett Johanson's mom has adopted a little baby from Ethiopia named Fenan and recently missed out on her daughter's Iron Man 2 premiere in order to pick the child up from Ethiopia.

Johansson also has an older brother, Adrian, and a twin brother, Hunter, as well as another half-brother, Christian, from her father's previous marriage. 

Adoption is a wonderful thing, at any age.  Johansson's mom has not only found purpose in her at a later age and has helped a fellow human being in need at the same time.  Growing older is not the end of the world, you can find purpose with your life and different things to do with your life.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Misses Court, D.A. Wants Warrent Issued; No one is above the law, well me and you

Lindsay Lohan may have a warrant issued tomorrow after missing her flight from Cannes to LA for her court day tomorrow.

Lindsay claims her passport was stolen and she's getting a replacement tomorrow.

We're told Lindsay will not be arrested when she lands at LAX ... it's a misdemeanor warrant and she'll almost certainly be allowed to turn herself into the court.

Our D.A. sources say the prosecutor in the case will scoff at Lindsay's excuses for not completing her alcohol ed classes and for not appearing in court. As one source said, "She needs to feel the consequences, and jail could end up being a good thing for her."
Nobody is above the law, not anybody.  Some people of affluent wealth or status are not neither, though it may seem that way.  You have to abide by the law in order to survive in this world.  Sometimes we certain things and think that maybe we can get away with it.  You maybe be able to a few times, but do not think it won't catch up with you in the end. 

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Blogger Sandra Rose Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine from Chris Brown; Getting Good Karma

Everybody who has read Sandra Rose's blog knows how mean-spirited she can be, well she got a taste of her own medicine courtesy of Chris Brown.

After publishing a post on him saying his career was dead, Chris Brown took to twitter to crack jokes on her.

You cannot expect to be mean to people and not receive some of that back.  Sandra Rose blog is probably one of the most hateful blogs we know.  Daily, she spews hateful and mean things about celebrities and entertainers that are uncalled for.  The jokes were wrong on Chris Brown part, but we do not feel sorry for Sandra Rose.

There are rules of the universe, not matter which way you put it.  Some call it karma, others call it revenge.  You cannot expect good things to happen to you when you do wrong by other people.  Payback will come eventually in some form or another.  On the other hand, if you good things for people or do good things, you can expect to get good things in return sooner or later.  It is plain and simple.  Watch your motives and actions.  Watch how they affect others because you never know how something you do and write can affect other people.